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Going Natural

Like most naturals, I never once thought that going natural had anything to do with not loving my hair or any other insecurity. I personally chose to go natural because I was so fed up with the grueling process I went through every 12 weeks at the salon in order to have bone straight hair. I had suffered many trials with perm burn and also hated how thin my hair felt the morning after I left the salon. So one day, I just decided that I was done suffering and my last perm had been my final perm. After 3 difficult months transitioning, I realized that I was not cut out to deal with the humidity at my college along with the two different textures in my hair. So, I decided I would cut off every inch of my hair and hoped it would grow back within 4 years. It seemed like a reasonable plan, but after 2 years of straightening, coloring, and poorly caring for my hair I realized that my goal was unrealistic.

With this realization, also came the realization that I had not been honest with myself. The basis for my decision to go natural was all wrong. When I went natural I had an image in my head of long, bouncy, picture perfect hair, but I paid no attention to the patience, education, and health that was all apart of achieving that goal. Since that moment I’ve spent countless hours on pinterest, google, youtube, and several natural hair blogs trying to soak up as much information about my hair as possible. Through this journey, I have come to love and find beauty in my hair even in the moments that aren’t picture perfect.

Since I’ve started discovering the truth about my hair, I’ve come to realize that black women know slim to nothing about their own hair and for me that is difficult to cope with. It is shocking to me that there are grown women still searching online to learn how to wash their hair. It is as if natural hair is grown from a sacred form of human that we’ve not yet discovered, but maybe discovering a part of you that you’ve never known is the beauty of going natural. I’m not writing this blog to tell you that all your hair goals should change or that everyone should ditch the creamy crack and come to the promised land of natural hair. I’m writing this blog because I’m tired of witnessing black women struggle through the knowledge of their hair and question the beauty of themselves because of that. I feel it is important to find the glory in the patience of getting to know all the beauty that comes with the unique qualities of our hair.

Even though, I haven’t reached the goals that I started this journey in quest of and even though I had to LEARN to love my hair. I am beholden to share that, as a black woman in going natural, I have been able to find something naturally beautiful about myself in a world where the most important and natural qualities of a black woman are consistently suppressed. So girl, whether that twist out didn’t come out the way you imagined, the humidity brought back the strength of your curls, or your hair is stuck at what others define as an awkward length never ever question your beauty because your hair is incomparable to others. Find the beauty and peace in naturally possessing something that is unique to every other race in this world and never ever forget that black hair is beautiful hair.

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