Why The James Charles Palette gets a No From Me.

Obviously the James Charles palette is gorgeous and it seems like we’ve been anticipating the release of the Sister Collection for forever, but after buying it and trying it out I actually considered returning it. I mostly considered returning it because, despite the claim from James Charles in his youtube video, this is definitely not an everyday palette. In fact, this palette may require more knowledge and money than the average person who is just scrolling through Instagram, watching youtube videos, and shopping in Ulta might possess.

Here why:

1. Pressed pigments are difficult to work with

So here’s a disclaimer, it is totally possible that I just do not know how to work with pressed pigment and that’s why I don’t love this palette, but as an Ulta employee and someone that regularly watches makeup tutorials online I feel that my knowledge of makeup matches the knowledge of most average people. With that being said this palette to me is something that a makeup artist would have and know how to work with, but the average person is unable to use without taking the time to learn the technique and buying new brushes. With that being said no one has time for that. I shouldn’t have to watch a 45 minute video to understand that I’m going to need to watch several other videos to figure out this palette.

2. You need a eyeshadow primer

With a price point of $39 this palette is more expensive than most Morphe palettes, so the last thing that you want to find out once you’ve already bought it is that now you can no longer use your concealer as your base like James Charles recommends in his youtube videos. With this palette a eyeshadow primer is recommended. I’m still trying to figure out if I think this is just Morphe trying to push you to spend an additional $10 to add on their primer or if it is actually true. Regardless this is just another reason why this palette is not made for the average person.

3. Brush set is way too expensive

To top it all off, I am definitely not spending money on a brush set that is $149. Morphe launches palettes all the time, which means as a consumer I’ve been buying individual brushes and brush sets for years already. The sister collection brush set has many of the most popular brushes in it and also has doubles and triples of his most used brushes. I don’t think there is much more I need to say here. I’m not paying to get the same brushes several times. Morphe has been among the best specifically because Morphe tends to be good quality and affordable.

With all that out on the table, I do recommend the palette if you don’t have a palette with similar colors like the Nyx rainbow palette or BH cosmetics take me back to brazil. Some of these vibrant colors are hard to find and even though the Sister Collection isn’t an everyday palette in my opinion, it is still fun to have those exciting colors whenever you may need them.

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